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All things come to an end... [Nov. 2nd, 2010|11:51 pm]
... and this moment has come for this journal and the Knight. I mentioned it already a few times that I am not happy anymore to use that name I have chosen years ago more out of fun than anything else. I did not expect to stay on LJ that long. But as live goes... I met some awsome people and I do not want to miss them anymore.

In fact this is the last entry to this journal which I will keep as archive. And so it is my last post as Knight. Personally I do not like such moments because it always feels odd, no matter how beautiful the new layout is, how much you are ready for that change. It is a change. I do not like changes. Period.

So I will keep it short and I will not look back at the awsome times we had here.
I am just inviting all of you to follow me to the new journal: cd_ward

I hope to see you there.

Your Knight.
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Time flows by... [Oct. 24th, 2010|10:58 pm]
Seems like I should start every single post with an excuse because I was not around much.

I had reasons and I can explain myself!

I changed my job within the company (some of you know this already). I thought to change because I expected an easygoing, relaxing job in the human resources department. Really. That was my first intention to change – same paycheck, less work. Good gracious I was so WRONG. But the work is interesting to no end. I always wanted to become a lawyer but never had the chance to study on a university (another story). And finally I have a job that comes pretty close to that, dealing with all the legal aspects of contracts, different laws and stuff. I just love paragraphs and books.

And then I spent some unexpected time in Italy.

After.. how long? I do not even know and I will not go and count the days. No. After a time that feels like eternity I met someone. Gorgeous girl from Milano and I went to visit her there. Seems that I am still into long distance relationships *laughs*

And then I went to watch “The Social Network” finally.
What do I think now? Me, who does not even have a facebook account. I assume I am more than happy that I do not own one and I will never ever going to change that.

I still ponder to finally change my livejournal account or to make a new one. We talked about this in the past already and I still think I am losing the “knight” more and more. You know the feeling when you just cannot connect to something anymore? You did not change (well, we all do slightly of course) but the time and the world around you has changed. I don't know. Probably I am not ready to do the final step.

Take care and see you around,
Your Knight.
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I write like... [Aug. 13th, 2010|12:52 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I stumbled over this in soneone's livejournal and just had to try it as well.
Not beeing an English native I expected an result like: not possible to analyse!

But I got this:

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

I tested several parts of my writing as I was sure that depending on the paragraphs you will get different results. I was right but overall this was the result I got most often.
I got this for both, shiny legends Lancelot and dark, cynical movie Lancelot, and several other things I wrote on LJ.
So I assume the result could be worse *laughs*

Your Knight.

P.S.: I am sorry for not being around that long and not commenting anywhere. The puppy kept me busy.
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project: dog - part II [May. 7th, 2010|11:15 am]
We are at home now (second day already) and everything is exciting and new and odd and scaring for the puppy. Which means for me: sleepless nights.

He loves humans, other dogs, cars and grass. He is never shy but always open to make new experiences, trying things the whole day which is a good thing. People just love him *laughs*

May I introduce "Amadeus" (between genius and madness, yes - I could not have chosen a better name):


I got the white/pink dog harness from a friend who told me it will be a gay dog. It will be replaced by a black fake leather collar as soon as he is old enough.

Take care,
Your Knight.
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I love Live Journal. [Feb. 21st, 2010|07:45 pm]
[Tags|, , ]

I owe the dear Cat O. Wen an icon:


I hope you like it a little, dear, as I had not much time to do it so I went with the classical I love-design.

Your Knight.
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Bear Hugs. [Feb. 19th, 2010|11:37 pm]
Thank you for the wonderful bear hugs! Really touching! I am speechless and this does not happen often *laughs*

Your Knight.
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Names. [Dec. 29th, 2009|12:12 pm]
Obviously my last entry started a discussion about names.
Are you happy with your name, what name would you choose, what stands a name for, anything you can read in it about the person, are we dolls or nor? (forget the last point)

As two ladies posted the names they would choose, I want to know why exactly would you choose a name. Just because they sound lovey or is there something you associate with them? Historical meanings, family, book characters?

Tell me.

As I am not going to tell anyone my real name in here (which I really like by the way) I have chosen Charlie for a reason. Those who read in here, have seen the explanation on Lessy's journal already. Just for the files: book character "Charles Dexter Ward".

Your Knight.
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(no subject) [Dec. 24th, 2009|01:08 am]
We always celebrate Christmas on the 23rd of December.

Why do I mention this at all you ask? Maybe it will give you a glimpse of how much I care for Christmas at all. No doubt, I love Christmas trees, Christmas decoration, Christmas sweets, Christmas songs... I just have issue with Christmas itself. Well. Not the thing I wanted to talk tonight anyways.

Maybe I am slightly drunk. Slightly.

I think it is the perfect day to celebrate my coming out. NOT what you think. I am done with this thing for years already. Tonight we celebrate my 'Charlie' coming out. *laughs*

Most people here I know since 2005 and I know them due to Fallen Knights and Live Journal. Since then I never used anything that was similar to a real name. I registered more for fun than anything else so I used the name 'sarmatianknight' for a reason. The name was and IS still correct in a way but IF I would have known how long I would stay on LJ, I would have chosen another name probably. No, surely. I am not a friend of name changes because I like things to stay like the are. Why changing?

And I forgot what the point was I wanted to talk about.

Anyways, if I would choose a name online I would go for CD Ward. Charlie. Charlies should have red hair and blue eyes. They never drink and I think they are honest to no end. I am afraid, I am not. I have black hair and green eyes, I drink and I am honest but sarcastic.

I love to sign my posts with 'Your Knight' but tonight it will be

Your Charlie.

P.S.: Blame the rum.
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Best band and a good modem. [Dec. 8th, 2009|03:00 am]
First a brief note for those who miss me (*g* sounds nicer than to say: who are waiting for a post, doesn't it?): modem is a good modem and went back to work after 5 phone calls to the support service.

Second and much, much more important: I managed to see Depeche Mode again. It took me ten years but who cares? I finally made it and gosh, it was worth the wait.

Best band in the world. Ever.

I slipped through the years in my mind and realised while I counted, that I listen to their music since I was 13. Which means for 21 years. I am old. They are old. I think I will never stop listening tho their stuff and whatever they do I will like it. I am not talking about the stupid kind of fan love. In fact they did a lot of crap during the years - but never when it came to their music. Whenn I look at their CDs I am hardly able to find a track I do not like.

To be honest I forgot when exactly or why I started to listen to DM. I think I saw a picture somewhere and it looked pretty interesting but I cannot tell anymore (shame on me). With DM and 101 my likes turned more... well, dark. I think this was the first step into this direction. Martin Gore fascinated me, I loved Alan Wilder, tried to look like Dave Gahan and I did not like Andrew Fletcher. I kind of grew up with their music and it was kind of a shock to hear the news back then when Dave Gahan almost died. I was in my car, driving home from work and I stopped, thinking: this was it. DM are gone. Possible to remember them but in fact they are gone. Sad thing. There was no need to cry or panic or do anything similar but it WAS a sad moment because a part of my life was gone. I try not to sound pathetic but you will probably get the point.

I remember my reaction to the news about their comeback tour 1998 but more I remember the reaction of my friends. It was Saturday evening and we went out when I told them pretty excited: DM will be back on tour. Are we going to see them? We ARE going to see them, don't we?
Well, what can I say? All I got were some doubting (and I am using the kind description here) looks and a kind smile (the ones which feel like patting the head, you know?). It took me three days to convience them that it was no media joke but a fact. The concert was great because it was a comeback no one had expected. It was like a 'welcome home' but it was nothing compared to this Universe tour. Nothing.

The stage setting with the huge screen and LED and movie effects was just great, delivering the perfect feeling for each song.

In Chains was followed by a perfect Wrong. It took Dave one song to control the audience. And respect, his voice has more power than the years before. Some young, so-called artists could learn quite a bit from his performance and presence. Looking at what he had been through during all these years it is fascinating how he looks today and what shape he is in. They played an impressive Hole To Feed and I think Walking In My Shoes was the first song he just listened to the crowd. The band could have gone home and let the people sing. It's No Good was done pretty well but it is not my favorite song, followed by A Question Of Time - the whole stadion went crazy - and Precious. I love these lyrics so much. World In My Eyes was just pure sex (and thank God we had chosen such a good place to stand at!). Dave might getting older but he will never lose anything from his charism. I think this whole song is a huge invitation for sex. *laughs*
I think it was Freelove when they projected balloons on the screen on stage - and piles of coloured balloons fell from the roof. The pingpong effect was cute and entertaining.

Well, not going into all the songs in detail. One highlight was (as always) Never Let Me Down Again with all the waving arms of the audience (as always). It must be an impressive feeling when 20.000 people do what you want them to do. Want have that feeling once in my life...

I liked that they played songs they normally do not play on tour like Dressed in Black and well, last but not least, Personal Jesus is always the ... the WHAT? I running out of words and superlatives to be honest. I think this song represents everything DM stands for.

What else can I say?
I missed two songs I was sure they would play them. Everything Counts (because it is always the last song on their concerts - why changing?!) and People Are People (because it was the key to their huge success). The concert was too short as always. One of my friends who were with me said that Martin Gore is a cutie pie (DON'T ask). I would never ever kick Dave Gahan out of my bed. And I still do not like Mr. Fletcher.

More than enough rambling for tonight, so good night

Your Knight.

Forgive me if there are piles of typing mistakes... it is three o'clock in the morning now.
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Happy Birthday Lessy! [Oct. 16th, 2009|11:56 am]
I have chosen this official way to send my best and heartly birthday wishes to you, dear. I hope that this new year of your life will be an awsome one, just having pleasant surprises for you! May whatever you wish and looking for come true - you certainly deserve it.

In fact I have this birthday note on my screen for almost a month now and I so planned to come up with any photoshop thing for you... but yesterday when I finally felt well and creative enough to try my luck I had major computer troubles. So forgive me... I stand here empty-handed, just able to offer myself.

*ties a red bow round neck*

I am glad that I have met you and that I got (and still have) the chance to talk, write and share things with you.

Happy Birthday!

Your Knight.
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