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All things come to an end... - Camelot Du Lac [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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All things come to an end... [Nov. 2nd, 2010|11:51 pm]
... and this moment has come for this journal and the Knight. I mentioned it already a few times that I am not happy anymore to use that name I have chosen years ago more out of fun than anything else. I did not expect to stay on LJ that long. But as live goes... I met some awsome people and I do not want to miss them anymore.

In fact this is the last entry to this journal which I will keep as archive. And so it is my last post as Knight. Personally I do not like such moments because it always feels odd, no matter how beautiful the new layout is, how much you are ready for that change. It is a change. I do not like changes. Period.

So I will keep it short and I will not look back at the awsome times we had here.
I am just inviting all of you to follow me to the new journal: cd_ward

I hope to see you there.

Your Knight.

[User Picture]From: sasha_b
2010-11-03 12:39 am (UTC)
Change sucks, but it is inevitable as death. I have faith in you, honey. See you at the new digs!
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[User Picture]From: deloriage
2010-11-03 01:33 pm (UTC)
Oh... I like the new name and I'll definitely follow your new LJ! I have so very much enjoyed your posts here.

And I absolutely get you on the hating change thing. But sometimes we *do* need change.

Bids the "Knight" a farewell. Now onward and upward! : )
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